When working in a B2B environment, you may find it useful to break-up your service into monthly payments for your customers, but still keep them on a line of credit contract.

Why you should choose the UGA Finance Program.

Attract More Customers

By offering financing, you will be able to increase your customer base through extending to those who are unable to pay upfront.

Confident Payments

You will not have to worry about collecting payments. We will absorb the payment responsibility while you focus on your business.

Open Ended Loans

The UGA Finance Program allows you to present open-ended lines of credit to potential customers, with the option to not have their credit ran.


The UGA Finance Program leverages a unique platform called uPortal360 for client interactions, which eases the process of loan payments.


We care about your customer's security. Our superior system was designed to assure the utmost security for sensitive information


The UGA Finance Program offers lender discounts as low as 3%, and allows approvals down to sub 500 FICO scores.

"We have been offering the UGA Finance Program for over 5 years now and have never had to worry about our monthly payments arriving on time or being shorted. It’s a business relationship that has blessed our lives and allowed us to serve more customers."

"The UGA Finance Program has been an instrumental part of moving from a fragmented, non-compliant and inconsistent process arranging for payment options with our customers to system that is fast, efficient and compliant for both our franchiser and their customers."

Bob S.


Jon M.


The UGA Finance
Program is Powered

Click here if you have an account with our third-party billing/servicing provider, Universal Account Servicing, LLC (UAS). You will be able to make payments, see previous transactions and view details.