UGA Finance is made up of two companies. Universal Guardian Acceptance (UGA) and Universal Account Servicing (UAS). UGA offers Direct and Indirect Lending options to power your companies financing solutions. UAS offers the technology platform to originate Loans and Subscriptions while also offering Point of Sale capabilities.  UAS is also a contact center that specializes in 3rd Party Loan and Subscription Servicing.


UGA is a non-traditional finance company with a more broad-minded approach than is typical of most banks or secondary lenders. Simply put, UGA is one of the most innovative and progressive finance companies in the market today. We work to develop creative solutions that meet the needs of your business and the customers you serve, including consumers with less than perfect credit.

Phone: (877)233-6999

Email: sales@ugafinance.com


Integrated Partners like Universal Account Servicing, LLC (UAS) can be leveraged to provide 3rd Party Servicing. This company will take on the work to reach out to your consumers and handle the inbound calls.

Phone: (888)-233-2302

Email: support@universalaccountservicing.com


uPortal360 is intended to eliminate the need for in-house contract origination and to offer full-serviced financial solutions through an online Software as a Service(SaaS).

Phone: (888)842-2461

Email: usupport@ugafinance.com