We are just like you. We are a sales organization trying to help other sales organizations. Our years of experience can help customize a program to match your sales process and meet the needs of your consumers.

Who We Are

UGA Finance started in St. Joseph Missouri, back in 2001. Our company started out small, with only four people working in the office. This team of four employees was everything in the company; they were the accountants, they were the marketing team, they were sales. The four of them ran the company for the first year, and after that they had grown to 9 employees. After the first year, they decided to bring their collections and billing internally. Over the years, the company has grown to upwards of 100 employees. With the growth of technology, The UGA Finance Program has been able to streamline our processes and produce efficient and secure methods of offering consumer financing options for our clients.

Our Leadership

Jeff Daum, President and Chief Executive Officer

Jeff has more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry. UGA Finance was started nearly 18 years ago, and since, Jeff has been an integral source of knowledge and commitment to the success of the UGA Finance Program.

Prior to the inception of the UGA Finance Program, Jeff started his career in the automotive industry. He successfully owned and operated a car dealership, and was the youngest owner within that franchise. He then started his own independent auto dealership and later sold it, and became a consultant with Travelers Acceptance Corporation. While working with Travelers, he designed a conservative, high-yield, auto finance program which was marketed aggressively by Travelers as it maintained high performance levels. Jeff’s progressive approach to auto finance has expanded into a variety of other industries and has enhanced UGA's niche for high-yielding, sub-prime programs for our clients.

Mr. Daum currently is and has been since the beginning, the President of UGA Finance. As UGA Finance grew, Jeff was able to take his small company of 4 employees and grow it into a successful business of more than 70 employees.

Edward Vasques, Chief Operating Officer

Edward (Ed) Vasques serves as the Chief Operating Officer at UGA Finance. Mr. Vasques has more than 16 years of experience in the financial industry including several years in collections and consumer financing.

With a B.S. in Communications, Edward began his career as an entry-level representative for the nation’s largest third-party collection agency, where he quickly rose to the position of General Collection Manager. Edward then joined one of the nation’s largest debt purchase and servicing companies as Director of Operations. He continued to develop his skills in asset management and personnel development with a staff of over 80 employees. Edward found success building first-party collection programs for industry leaders in advertising, truck driver training and logistics.

Ed was initially brought into UGA Finance to run the collections agency. During that time, he also oversaw the billing department. Over time he began to take responsibility within the credit department and eventually, took over all of operations. Now, Mr. Vasques has now been with UGA Finance for over 12 years and serves as the Vice President of the company and is part owner.

Mark Schmitz, Chief Financial Officer

Mark Schmitz is the Chief Financial Officer at UGA Finance. Mr. Schmitz has been in the financial industry for nearly 28 years.

Mark graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washburn University in Topeka, KS with a dual major in Finance and Economics. Mark began his career with a Fortune 500 company as an Accountant at the plant level.  He was quickly promoted to an Accounting Manager at the divisional level and then as a Finance Manager where he prepared financial statements and analysis at the corporate level. Mark furthered his experience as an Accounting and Finance Manager in the non-profit sector and as the head of finance, accounting, and IT for a family owned service company.   Mark’s well-rounded experience in various industries and with small, large, and non-profit enterprises enables him to tailor our services to fit the needs of our diverse client base.

Mr. Schmitz was brought into UGA Finance as a controller. Since, he has built UGA's entire accounting program and developed all processes that are used to this day. Mark has been with UGA Finance for the past 12 years and is a part owner in the company, alongside Mr. Daum and Mr. Vasques.

Our Technology

The UGA Finance Program is Powered by uPortal360

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