Loan & Subscription Origination + Point of Sale + Account Servicing

Create Retail Installment Contracts or Open Line of Credit (Revolving Credit) Agreements.  Offer Promotional Terms like Deferred Interest or No Interest if Paid in Full.

Easily enroll your customers in Monthly, Quarterly or Annual service subscriptions.

Process Credit Card or ACH Check payments for purchases or down payments.

The system takes care of all aspects of Loan Servicing.  Interest Accrual and Assessment, periodic statements, payment collection and required notifications.  The system supports paper statements or allows consumers to enroll in electronic communications.  Every consumer is also provided with access to an online portal to manager their account, communications settings and to make payments.  The system also manages your subscriptions by providing auto renew and recurring payments.  Automate alerts are sent to keep customers on track.

uPortal360 is a hosted online solution that is available 24 X 7 and works on a computer, laptop or tablet.

Video Demos

Add Customer

Credit Application

Finance Amount & Term Display

Term Selection

AutoPay Enrollment

In Person – DocuSign Process


Your Options

Choose to Start a Loan Application, Enroll in a Subscription, or make a Point of Sale Transaction.  Or choose to have all of these options. With uPortal360 you can configure anyone of these options, all of these options or any combination of these options that meet your business needs



Loan Origination Process

In addition to the Customer Information you collected, we will need to know a few more things about the consumer to run a Credit Application. The application will receive a decision in seconds. If it’s approved (ask us about how to create a program that approves everyone),

  1.  ‌ Select a Payment Option
    • Payment options can vary in length, APR, Down Payment Requirements and Promotional Offers like “No Interest if Paid in Full in 6 months”
    • ‌ Optionally you can enroll your Customers in AutoPay (Automated Scheduled Payments)
  2.  ‌ Then Customer will Sign Electronically (Email or In Person options Available)
  3. ‌ ‌ The Loan is automatically Activated in our Servicing Platform and the Customer is given Online Access to manage their new Account.



Subscription Origination Process

  1. ‌ Select the Subscription Plan offering
    • ‌ Additionally select from Add-On Items
  2. ‌ Acknowledge the Terms and Conditions
  3. ‌ Make The First Payment
  4. ‌ Enroll in AutoPay (Automated Scheduled Payments)
  5. ‌ The Subscription is activated in our Servicing Platform



Point of Sale Process

Safe Harbor – This part of our platform is still under development

  1. Simply define the Product and Price and Enter a Payment Method
    • ‌ Or use this in combination with Loan Origination
  2. Pay for some of the product today, finance the rest
  3. Our POS will also allow you to load custom documents that can be electronically signed
  4. This can create a seemless process for Cash/Credit Customers as well as those Financing



Loan Servicing

This is the best part, we take care of all this for you. The uPortal360 has every online service your customer would expect:

  • ‌ Online Payments
  • ‌ AutoPay
  • ‌ EStatements, EAlerts
  • ‌ Transaction History
  • ‌ Profile Updates
  • ‌ Communication Settings

We also offer a wide range of servicing support. We can make courtesy calls we can make the hard uncomfortable calls when the consumer is past due, we can offer hardship programs, and we have a call center that is open for support 6 days a week and we offer Chat support.

Your customers are our number one priority.

While all this is happening, you have full visibility to the entire process. You can easily search and pull up any of your customers and see their account, see logs of our interactions. You can also run reports on your portfolio.