Offer Consumer Financing Today!

Offering your consumers financing just became easier. UGA Finance works with a variety of industries and we build custom programs to best fit the needs of each of our clients.


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Elective MedSpa

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Additional Industries Served

  • Vacation Clubs
  • Healthcare Clubs
  • Dating Services
  • Career Colleges
  • Vocational/Technical
  • Training

How our financing works.

Credit Application

Consumer applies online or with the help of your sales team using uPortal360.

Instant Decision

Receive a decision in seconds based on information entered in.

Set Financing and Select Terms

Promotional terms can be offered such as "No Interest if Paid in Full within 185 days!"

Electronic Signatures

Review documents and use DocuSign to electronically sign your documents.

Online Verification & Account Management

Consumers will instantly have access to our online portal once online verification is completed!

Funding within 3 business days!

Funding is given within 3 business days of online verification completion.

While we offer a traditional financing arrangement where the contract is funded within days, we also have numerous financing options that can be configured to fit your business needs.  Maybe you want to have your own financing program where we just provide servicing.  We can do that.  Maybe you want to offer a program that approves everyone.  We can do that.  Maybe you want to get some funding upfront and are ok with other amounts being staged based on consumer payments.  We have a lot of options as we have a lot of clients.  One size does not fit all and we’ve built finance programs for every business you can imagine.

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