Company origination

UGA Finance started in St. Joseph Missouri, back in 2001. Our company started out small, with only four people working in the office. This team of four employees was everything in the company; they were the accountants, they were the marketing team, they were sales. The four of them ran the company for the first year, and after that they had grown to 9 employees. After the first year, they decided to bring their collections and billing internally.

Over the years, the company has grown to upwards of 100 employees. With the growth of technology, UGA Finance has been able to streamline our processes and produce efficient and secure methods of offering consumer financing options for our clients.

Future goals

With the growth of our full spectrum financing program and enhancements to our proprietary uPortal360 platform, we will be moving our locations to a new 15,000 square feet development, adjacent to Park University, to better serve our expanding team. This move will happen sometime in the fourth quarter.

Partnership with Park University

UGA Finance has teamed up with Park University to offer anyone who is a part or full-time student, (link text to landing page) a 10% discount if they are an employee of UGA Finance. This opportunity is very beneficial to both Park students and to UGA Finance. We are currently offering entry-level positions in various departments to Park students to help students gain experience. Current employees are able to attend the university at a discounted rate.