Are you searching for a financing program for your consumers, only to be uncertain of which program is best? Knowing what to look for will make all the difference in how you integrate a financing program into your business. The following items are considered some of the key features to look for when searching for a financing program for your consumers.

Ease of Application

A well-structured contract origination platform should be simple to use, easy to integrate and work on any device. Consumers can be quickly turned away if the program is too complicated or takes a significant amount of time to complete. You should never risk losing a sale due to a complicated process. A finance program should be set up in a way that any user, of any age, can complete the credit application.

Finance programs should also ensure that there is instant consumer application approval notification. Similarly, the platform should deliver notices and key terms clearly, with no hidden fees or unexpected surprises.

Diverse Criteria of Approval

Financing programs should have different criteria in which consumers of various credit scores are approved. The best consumer financing options should acknowledge that most consumers do not have prime credit. From the consumers perspective, affordable payment terms are the most important deciding factor when considering the purchase of a high-ticket item or service.

As a retail seller, the financing program you choose to implement should provide more approvals and provide an option for your business to reduce offering discounts to close cash sales.


While looking for a consumer financing option, find those that focus on safety of information. With a significantly large increase in the advancement of technology, personal data has progressively become more susceptible to identity theft with new potential security risks being discovered every day.

Therefore, when considering offering a finance option for your consumers, you need to incorporate a technology that will provide your consumers with security that complies with security standards like PCI DSS 3.2, ISO 27001:2013 and SOC 1 Type II. Companies that offer finance will typically have a trusted website like ours.

This will help protect against fraudulent activities as well as other forms of security breaches. The technology can work both online and in your store. A good financing option for your consumers should allow them to apply for financing, while keeping peace of mind that their information is secure.