Help Your Client's Unlock Their Maximum Business Potential Through Consumer Financing


Why Your Clients Should Be Offering Financing Option, If They Aren't Already.

According to Synchrony Financial, 87% of their consumers have said that having the option to finance, made their large purchases more affordable. UGA Finance has found that by offering consumer financing, it has proven to enhance the way that our clients do their business. Our clients have increased their business 3x and even 10x through the use of financing. They have also been able to increase their prices and stop allowing cash sales to be at a discounted rate because of consumer financing. Being able to offer consumers a financing option as opposed to paying up front, opens up business to a larger range of potential consumers. At UGA Finance, we are able to collaborate with our clients and establish a program that works for them and their specific business needs.


Our clients have increased their business 3x and even 10x through the use of consumer financing and have been able to increase their prices and eliminate discounted rates for cash sales. 


We have served thousands of businesses across the country. 

More than half a billion contracts have been serviced through us.                

Hundreds of thousands of consumers have been financed.                          


If your clients allow payback terms such as Net 30, or Net 90, this is considered financing.

Some of your clients may be unaware that they are potentially offering some type of financing already. If they allow payback terms such as Net 30, or Net 90, this is considered financing. Allowing consumers to have scheduled payments comes with additional expenses that the business may not be prepared for. There can be expenses associated with collection of payments, legal obligations, compliance to state and federal regulations and expenses for documentation.

At the time of purchase, if the consumer is able to wait for 30 or 60 days until payment is due, your clients are potentially missing out on interest of the principle amount. There are few financing options that consumers acquire that do not have interest assessed at the time of signing. If a bank or a car dealership can charge interest and benefit from it, there is no reason your client's can't do the same. Assessing interest can also be used as collateral for each consumer.

Receiving a loan from a bank does not come interest free. So if your clients are offering repayment options, they should be able to charge interest too!

Your clients should be using open lines of credit for their consumers.

Accounts receivable are good, but an open line of credit plus interest is BETTER!


UGA Finance is a non-traditional finance company with a more broad-minded approach than is typical of most banks or secondary lenders. We work with our clients to develop consumer financing solutions that meet the needs of businesses and the consumers they serve, including those with less than perfect credit. We finance various products and services over a wide range of industries. Some of the industries that benefit from UGA Finance include:

  • Seminar Speakers
  • Elective Med Spas
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Dental Offices
  • Vacation Clubs
  • Dating Services
  • Career Colleges
  • Vocational/Tech. Institutes


With UGA as a partner, your clients can leverage their true sales potential, drive incremental revenue and take advantage of more accessible cash flow by offering financing to their consumers. Client's can use our third-party option to protect their cash flow and let us help them turn their accounts receivables into assets.

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  • We have been offering the UGA Finance Program for over 5 years now and have never had to worry about our monthly payments arriving on time or being shorted. It’s a business relationship that has blessed our lives and allowed us to serve more customers.
    Bob S.