• Financing

    Our experience and ability to process the full range of credit risks offers significant benefits for you at your business locations nationwide. With UGA as a partner, it’s possible to take advantage of valuable cash flow through comprehensive billing, receivable purchasing and debt recovery services – all through a single solution.

    We take an innovative approach not offered by banks or traditional lending institutions and can provide you with instant cash access through the purchase of your accounts, including nonprime credit risks. We invite you to fully leverage your potential growth.

  • Loan Servicing

    Is managing your in-house receivables or billing taking up valuable time you could be using to build your business? Are you compliant in your servicing approach? Do you have the infrastructure to properly collect and service your receivables? The loan servicing sector of UGA, Universal Account Services (UAS) can support you in these endeavors.

    With reasonably priced loan servicing options, UAS can meet the custom needs of your business. We have the hardware, software and experienced personnel to provide world class support of your accounts, freeing you to focus on what you do best.