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Accounts Receivable Financing Improves Cash Flow

Have you ever had an experience over the course of your business career where you didn’t think you were going to make payroll, or that your electricity might get shut off, or that you might not make your rent payment for the month? You’re not much different than many businesses out there today that find… View Article

Patients at Hormone Clinics Need Financing Options

You might think that with the massive numbers of seniors needing hormone therapy today, hormone clinics would have no problem achieving a full roster of patients coming to them on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not all insurance plans will cover the treatments offered. Therefore, a large percentage of these under-insured, potential patients are faced with… View Article

Dentistry Financing Can Gain You New Patients

Some people avoid the dentist and go years between checkups due to their fear of the simplest procedures. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about that. Add the cost of your services to the mix and you’ve got another reason some patients stay away. However, adding a dentistry financing option to the mix has… View Article

Care Credit Veterinary Programs: There is a Better Way

As a veterinarian, you’ve had many occasions to witness the shock pet owners experience when they learn their beloved pet has a serious illness. A second wave of shock comes when you inform them of the cost of the procedure to treat the illness. While you’re in the business of caring for animals and nursing… View Article

Consumer Financing for Orthodontists’ Practices

It’s estimated that 45 percent of children require braces to fix problems with their misaligned bite. From an aesthetic standpoint, around 75 percent of children could actually improve the shape of their face after having an orthodontist treat them with braces. Due to the cost commitment, only a fraction of these kids follow through with… View Article

Want Better Attendance? Try Seminar Funding

A well-attended seminar offsets the cost of the event and offers a higher return on investment than a seminar that somehow misses its mark with the target audience. What can you do to boost your visibility and pull more people into your event? Timing Let’s assume that you’ve dialed in to what your target audience… View Article

When is a Custom Loan Appropriate?

We hope that as we go through life we have enough expendable income to pay for the things we require. When something is out of reach, we budget for it and save so we can acquire it later. However, there are times when it pays to get a custom loan now so you can put… View Article

Home Improvement Financing: Choose the Best Option

Anyone who owns an old house will tell you that there is never an end to all the things that need to be fixed or upgraded. Most homeowners aren’t able to come up with the cash it takes to make these fixes a reality. Despite everything you’ve done to remain competitive as a contractor, you… View Article