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Attract More Business With Funeral Financing

How Funeral Financing Influences Satisfaction If you’re not willing to change with the times, you’re going to be left behind. This is something funeral professionals have come to understand quite well over the decades. While there are aspects of the average funeral that will probably never change, it’s clear that people are taking a more… View Article

Financing and Veterinarian Care Make for a Perfect Match

Why Clients of Veterinarian Care Require Funding Options One trend that is becoming more prevalent today in the veterinarian industry is veterinarian care financing, which is helping practices pull in more clients and helping more pets stay healthy. Americans spend billions of dollars every year on their pets, mostly on food and pet products such… View Article

Stay Busy This Summer by Offering Home Improvement Financing

Four Projects That Homeowners Will Buy Into With Home Improvement Financing As a building contractor you need to make the most of good weather. This is your peak work season. But not everyone is ready to build from scratch. You can still enjoy a busy and productive summer by marketing smaller home improvement projects along… View Article

Financing Cosmetic Surgery Will Improve Your Business

Offering Patients an Option for Financing Cosmetic Surgery Increases Customer Satisfaction The generation of Americans born after 1980, the Millennials, are opting for plastic surgery at higher percentages. Since 2000, the number of people of all ages seeking cosmetic surgical procedures has gone up over 87 percent, and Millennials are a big part of that…. View Article

Summer Camp Financing: A Sure Way to Boost Attendance

Give More Families Options for Payment With Summer Camp Financing Are your summer camp marketing strategies failing to live up to your goals? There are a variety of tactics to use to gain more interest in your camp, including summer camp financing. The recession taught us a number of things, and one of the most… View Article

Make a Custom Loan Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Give Patients More Options With a Custom Loan Orthodontists often provide services that not all insurance plans will cover. This means there is a significant need to pull in a wider audience to improve the number of people who will say “yes” to the procedures you recommend. When you partner with a third party to… View Article

Get a Better Handle on Your Cash With Accounts Receivable Factoring

Proven Tactic Still Good Today: Accounts Receivable Factoring Keeping on top of finances can be difficult, even for the smallest businesses, which is why cash flow becomes a hurdle that results in stifled growth. In the worst cases, a lack of cash can mean the end of a business. Accounts receivable factoring is one method… View Article

Market Your Vocational College and Offer Loans for Vocational Training

Loans for Vocational Training Can Help Increase Your Enrollment As a Vocational School, you offer an option for students who want to continue on with higher education but for them a traditional four-year school may not be the best choice.   You need a way to connect with those potential students to share with them the… View Article