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Cosmetic Surgery Financings One of Several Ways to Increase Patient Traffic

Relationships and responsiveness are key to cosmetic surgery financing. In a day when insurance reimbursements may be lower and healthcare uncertainty is higher, maintaining a steady flow of cosmetic surgery patients can be somewhat challenging. Whether it is for elective procedures or cases you work in partnership with others, you want to be the go-to… View Article

Guidelines to Improve Patient Payment Processes for Physician Groups

Leveraging Financing Options for Timely Payment Medical debt is one of the top reasons Americans declare bankruptcy. For physician groups that spend hours a day on the phone in patient collections processes, this is probably no surprise. If your group is struggling to receive timely payments from patients, there are some guidelines to follow to… View Article

Consumer Financing for Small Businesses

Leveraging More Tools That Build Profits There are a staggering 23 million small businesses in the U.S. Some are thriving and some are struggling to keep their doors open, but one thing most small business owners can agree on is that they are afforded few options when it comes to working with traditional lenders. Consumer… View Article

Accounts Receivable Factoring: An Old Solution to Everyday Problems

If your business is short on cash, consider accounts receivable factoring to help bring you back in the black. Most business owners quickly realize the benefits of extending payment programs or in-house credit to clients – it drums up more business, from both current customers and new ones who want to take advantage of the… View Article

Home Improvement Financing Could Keep You Building

Offering home improvement financing is one way to continue to grow your business. The 2008/09 home lending crisis drove large numbers of families into rental properties. The housing market crisis was quickly followed by the nation’s great recession. You don’t need anyone to tell you that coming out of the home construction deficit has been… View Article

Tips for Reaching Higher Sales Include Timeshare Financing

When it comes to making big purchases, psychology of the human mind becomes an interesting thing. Essentially, when approaching the topic of timeshares, many people have more fear related to what they’ll lose than excitement related to gaining something as amazing as a vacation property. There are many ways timeshare companies can ease these fears,… View Article

Entice More Clients With an Immediate Cash Loan

The reason most of your potential clients are saying no to home improvement projects is related to cost. While some might have reservations about the scope of the project and the amount of time they’ll be displaced by the work, many are simply avoiding parting with the money it takes to remodel. An immediate cash… View Article

Financing Options Top the List of Ways to Increase Jewelry Sales

Strengthening sales is the preoccupying concern of every retailer. While it’s important to strategize effective ways of bringing new customers through the front door, the most cost-effective way to generate sales is through your existing client base. The key to expanding jewelry sales to prior customers is to offer them new purchasing and financing options…. View Article

Plastic Surgery Loans Can Help You Tap a Waiting Market

Women are ready to take charge of the things they don’t like about themselves, and the majority of women have at least one thing they don’t like. A survey of over 5,000 American women found 90 percent of 18-24 year old and 85 percent of 55-64 year old women are dissatisfied with one or more… View Article