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Build Event Attendance With Seminar Funding

Seminar Funding: One Way to Increase the Success of Your B2B Seminar A great way to develop a new business-to-business relationship is through an industry seminar. When you host a seminar you offer value to potential partners. In return, you gain a list of likely sales calls. Since putting on a seminar is no small… View Article

Help Customers Add Value to Their Homes With Home Improvement Financing

Generate More Business With Home Improvement Financing Homeowners are constantly in need of improvements, renovations and additions to their homes. Every year sees different trends. Regardless of which trends are catching on year by year, there is always need for home improvement financing, especially considering some of the bigger ticket items. Speaking of trends, 2015… View Article

Laser Solutions can Increase Your Business

More Consumers Seek Out Laser Solutions A growing number of consumers are seeking out laser solutions to benefit their health. For practitioners specializing in laser treatments, the chances of seeing business growth are high. However, considering a financing option from a third party can further improve growth. Consumers are seeking out laser solutions to help… View Article

Improving Jewelry Store Sales Through Financing Options

How Financing Options Can Win You Customers, Close the Deal and Give You Your Best Year Ever Despite the economic atmosphere, romance and milestones remain a part of life. People still want engagement rings, anniversary mementos and graduation or retirement gifts. The trick is finding out how to convince customers that the jewelry they want… View Article

Physician Groups and Financing

Gaining More Business for Physician Groups Through Financing Physician groups face an ever-changing landscape, which means they have to stay on top of trends and implications. Taking quick, yet thoughtful action can mean everything when it comes to growing the group. Looking at what the industry is facing today, we’re outlining a few trends that… View Article

Third Party Financing is Key to Rise in Solar Power Usage

Offering What Customers Want With Third Party Financing There was a time not long ago that going off the grid was a luxury few could afford in America. Solar power was especially costly, but the technology has become less pricey, meaning more Americans are open to the idea of going green and paying less for… View Article

The Benefits You Will See With Third Party Financing

The Value of Third Party Financing for Your Patients Consumers today expect financing options with just about every purchase they make. From car lots to veterinarians’ offices to education – they’re getting what they need through third party financing. Bringing in a third party financing solution can make a huge impact in how patients handle… View Article

Laser Surgery Financing Adds to the Bottom Line

See More Patients With Laser Surgery Financing Looking for ideas on how to get more traffic through your doors? There are a variety of methods other providers have tried to great success, including offering laser surgery financing. Let’s take a look at a few ideas that might work for you. Develop More Relationships With Surgeon… View Article

Summer Camp Financing is One Tool for Building Camp Attendance

How to Offer Summer Camp Financing Without Breaking a Sweat The summer camp season is nearly upon us. Families are making plans now about where to spend summer dollars. You need to market your camp in a way that gets the attention of families with far too many options for careful consideration. But how can… View Article