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Get More Summer Work with Home Improvement Financing

One of the most attractive home improvement propositions for homeowners during the late spring and summer months includes anything that can get them comfortably in touch with nature. What better place to look than an existing porch? Covering and adding screened walls to a porch is much less expensive than adding an addition to the… View Article

CareCredit Veterinary Services: Is There a Better Option?

Offering your clients alternate methods of payment can be the difference between a life-long business relationship and a losing proposition. Some vets have partnered with CareCredit veterinary services to give clients payment options, but the outcomes aren’t always good. CareCredit veterinary have gotten a lot of news recently as the number of household pets has… View Article

UGA: Multiple Solutions to Get Your Business on the Right Track

Every business faces challenges that are either overcome and the business rallies, or not dealt with correctly, which leads to the organization going through difficult times. Let’s take a look at a handful of challenges most businesses face. Competitors The easy part about starting a business is just getting started. You can use social media… View Article

Factoring Accounts Receivable to Improve Cash Flow

At some point in nearly every small business’s timeline, cash becomes a scarce commodity. Have you ever gotten into a situation where you weren’t ready to commit to a loan but you could really use a quick infusion of cash? The answer that businesses have come to rely on is factoring accounts receivable. At first… View Article

Consumer Financing: Why Should Your Business Consider It?

How committed is your business to being customer-centric? Maybe you’re doing everything you think you can do to offer your customers the best service, but have you considered offering consumer financing? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you and your customers will see when you partner with a third party, non-traditional financier…. View Article

Laser Solutions and Financing Can Lead to More Business

Be careful what you wish for – it’s a commonly used phrase to describe situations where fortune can meet misfortune, and it definitely applies to physicians looking for an increase in patients. If you’re not ready for the growth, it can set you back. An increasing number of patients are seeking laser solutions for a… View Article

Dentistry Financing Offers News Ways to Improve Business

How many business-related classes did you take in dental school? If you’re like most dentists, the bulk of your time was spent learning techniques to improve the health of the patient, not the bottom line of your business. Unfortunately, many dentists find out the hard way that they need some business knowledge if they are… View Article

Funeral Financing Adds More Options for Clients

People have choices when it comes to who will take care of funeral services for their loved ones and many factors can influence if they choose your funeral home to do business with. Here are some tips to getting more business at your funeral home. Remodel This doesn’t have to include a hit list worth… View Article