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Give Your Customers a Reason to Come Back With Third Party Financing

There is a reason so many organizations are thinking about bringing a financing option into their business process – it’s an excellent way to boost revenues. You also have to consider that your customers aren’t only looking at organizations for what they offer; they’re also looking at them for how they can make the purchase…. View Article

Prepare for the Upcoming Season With Summer Camp Financing

Summer will be here before you know it and planning for a successful summer camp has probably already begun at your organization. Will you make summer camp financing part of a successful 2015 season? You’re already well aware of the value your camp provides to campers. They learn skills, develop long-lasting friendships, experience growth and… View Article

Want to See More Business Growth? Offer Cosmetic Surgery Financing

2015 looks to be a big year for patients asking for procedures that are minimally invasive. This includes the popular Botox treatments, which require little recovery periods or downtime from work. Removing fat was once a painful procedure that required a good amount of time off from work. However, you’re now able to perform fat… View Article

Improving Business With Timeshare Financing

The vacation ownership/timeshare industry led the hospitality and leisure industry in 2014 with steady growth, due in part to innovative ideas that continue to develop among organizations. The growth potential is there for 2015 as well. You’re likely feeling enthusiastic regarding the latest news from Fitch Ratings, which estimates that the ABS performance that the… View Article

Fight the Perception of High Veterinarian Care Costs With Financing

The statistics regarding pets and the healthcare they receive can be quite alarming. Take Washington, D.C. as an example: there are an estimated 300,000 pets in the city and about a third of them aren’t getting regular care from a veterinarian. Instead of living longer, happier lives, too many pets are suffering from health issues… View Article

Include Financing for Your Business Funding Strategy

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of business funding is probably cash flow. To keep cash flowing in at a positive rate, you have to keep a few things in mind as you approach your strategy. From customer relations to collections to financing, there are many areas to consider. You’ve worked… View Article

Cosmetic Surgery Financing to Improve Your Practice

If you’re like most people who establish a business, you’re always looking for ways to improve. For some practices, that means jumping into the merger and acquisition game, something that many practices are leaning toward. However, if you’re set on staying independent, there are some things to consider for improving business. Your practice has control… View Article

Help Customers Afford Customized Services With Funeral Financing

Consumers want options today when it comes to funeral services and unless you’re giving them those options, including funeral financing, they may take their business elsewhere. Consumers want more options, and they also want transparency. They will approach the funeral services you offer with a watchful eye on your price point, just as they do… View Article

Simplifying the Loan Origination Process

Not all loan-servicing companies are the same, and in many cases, it’s the loan origination process that distinguishes one from the other. Many loan-servicing companies strive for hard profit over user preferences. This activity can lead to fines. For instance, GE Capital’s medical credit card service employed enrollment practices that weren’t ethical, leading to a… View Article