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Build Your Practice by Offering Dentistry Financing

Dentistry Financing is a Business Tool That Wins Patients and Creates Loyalty As a dentist, you are a health professional. Chances are, you never took business classes in college nor visualized yourself as a small business owner once you got into dental school. Yet, that is exactly what a dental practice is – a small… View Article

Home Improvement Financing Can Help You Bring in More Customers

Home Improvement Financing Options Help Customers Remodel With Today’s Trends in Mind Anyone who has been in the market for a new home has probably stumbled across a home for sale with garish fixtures, displeasing color-accented walls and appliances that are from a different era. However, at one time, these were trends that homeowners just… View Article

Accounts Receivable Factoring: Still a Vital Process

Improve Cash Flow With Accounts Receivable Factoring Every business has goals related to profits. In a perfect world, money changes hands the moment a product is sold or a service is rendered. Instead, most businesses have an accountant who closely monitors accounts receivable – money that hasn’t been collected, but is owed for products sold… View Article

Financing Cosmetic Surgery: Attract New Clients

Providing Options for Financing Cosmetic Surgery Can Lead to Increased Profits for Business Expansion The American Society of Plastic Surgeons announced earlier this year that 15.6 million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in 2014. That’s an increase of three percent from 2013. What is your office doing to pull in that increased amount of business?… View Article

Consumer Financing Can Spark Growth in Your Electronics Business

Consumer Financing Offers Options to Your Electronics Customers Whether it’s growing your business or expanding into new markets, both take a well-planned strategy. There are a number of steps to consider in your strategy, including offering consumer financing to your customers. As an electronics business you face unique challenges. In the electronics industry products are… View Article

Connect With More Clients With Home Improvement Financing

Home Improvement Financing Opens Doors of Opportunity Many homeowners are convinced that spring and summer are the optimal periods for home improvements. However, there are a number of projects that others in your industry are able to sell during the fall season that you can share with your clients this season. Including home improvement financing… View Article

Quick Funding Options Pull in More Clients

Bring in More Business During the Economic Upswing With Quick Funding Solutions Wages in the American workplace continue to make gains, which means there is more spending happening per household, and the overall economy is showing it. The Commerce Department reported that in July, consumers were stepping up and buying bigger ticket items after seeing… View Article

Financing for Vocational School and Other Student Retention Strategies

Offering Financing for Vocational School Can Help Students Stay in School If you are responsible for vocational school enrollment, you are competing with other schools in your area when attracting new students, encouraging returning students and retaining students from the start to the end of their educational career. You need to know how to boost… View Article

Financing Options for Your Weight Loss Clinic

Offer More Financing Options and See Business Improve Many Americans are inspired by reality television shows to drop weight, but many find it challenging to do it on their own. As you know, those who join a weight loss clinic are much more likely to succeed. Unfortunately, not everybody has the expendable income to go… View Article