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Slow the Downward Economic Trend with Dentistry Financing

There is a trend occurring in the dental industry that has practice owners scrambling for more revenue. The industry is seeing an economic slowdown that has been happening since 2007. Could dentistry financing pull practices out of the red? The Sikka National Dental Economic Report shows that in 2014, dentists were spending 12 percent fewer… View Article

Third Party Financing Will Boost Your Business This Holiday Season

The first arctic blast has made its way through the U.S., which means the holidays aren’t far behind. Have you thought about how your clients are going to afford your products/services this holiday season? There are options out there for your clients, options that don’t involve dipping into their savings or putting too much stress… View Article

Timeshare Financing Helping to Prop Up the Industry

Thanks to steady growth, vacation ownership is leading the hospitality industry, according to a recent report. came out with an industry analysis recently showing that vacation ownership, or timeshares, is one of the fastest evolving growth opportunities in the hospitality market with a good amount of potential in the future. We’re seeing the evolution… View Article

Cosmetic Surgery Cost Isn’t Quite as Overwhelming With Funding Options

Held earlier this month, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) conference shed light on the growth of the cosmetic surgery industry, mostly through a 12-year study shared with participants. Dr. Marc Walker presented a study titled, “A 12-Year Analysis of the Relationship Between Market Trends and Cosmetic Case Volume” during the conference. The study… View Article

Funeral Financing Can Bring You Better Business

The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) continues to be an excellent source of information on industry trends. Staying informed on these trends can help funeral directors like you make better educated decisions on what to offer your clients as generational changes occur. However, one constant in the industry is the difficulty some families have in… View Article

The Best Financing Options are Through Non-Traditional Lenders

Consumers today have come to expect financing options when they shop for goods and services. From big ticket items like automobiles and home improvements to smaller items like pet care and recreation, financing options are available to consumers. The reason so many companies in a variety of industries are offering financing options is because of… View Article