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Plastic Surgery Loans Improve the Value of Your Practice

When a patient goes in for an elective surgery, the last thing they worry about is whether or not their surgeon has any sort of expertise in business. Thankfully, most surgeons are more focused on their operating skills than their paperwork skills. However, if you’re a plastic surgeon, pursuing your passion needs to include having… View Article

Improve Events With Seminar Funding

To establish yourself as a leader in your region or your community, and to show your client base that you’re doing everything you can for them, hosting a seminar is an excellent way to provide outreach that offers continued quality service. The number of seminars you can or should host depends on your market, the… View Article

Pick up the Pace of Your Business by Offering Consumer Loans

We’re still measuring the after effects of the recession. While the economists say the recession ended five years ago, GoBankingRate’s recent survey says that nearly three-quarter of Americans worry about money “all the time.” Around 34 percent of those surveyed said they felt they were in a good position, financially, but those numbers are down… View Article

Care Credit Veterinary and Other Options for Pet Health Financing

Not all of your patients fully understood the costs associated with having a pet as they considered bringing a fury new friend to the family. Unfortunately, you’re the one that has to be the bearer of bad news. But it doesn’t always have to end with a negative outcome; there are solutions available to you… View Article

Physician Groups Benefit From Third-Party Financing

As a physician you spend many years studying medicine and medical procedures. You come out of school and/or residency programs ready to tackle major medical issues for your patients. Unfortunately, that training doesn’t usually include direction in how to run a business. The same is true of veterinarians. Whether it’s physicians groups focused on humans… View Article

Improve Your Laser Solutions Practice Growth

Medical solutions tied to laser technology have exploded in recent years. From practices focused on improving eyesight to cosmetic-related services like hair removal and skin treatment, lasers are commonplace in medical practices. More medical providers are learning about how these new technologies can increase the number of patients showing up for treatments. As a laser… View Article

Ease the Cost Burden with Laser Surgery Financing

It is estimated that six out of 10 people wear eyeglasses or contact lenses in the U.S. There are a lot of people out there who could benefit from your laser surgery procedure. Unfortunately, there is a high cost associated with offering the procedure, which means the patient absorbs that cost, limiting the number of… View Article

Slow the Downward Economic Trend with Dentistry Financing

There is a trend occurring in the dental industry that has practice owners scrambling for more revenue. The industry is seeing an economic slowdown that has been happening since 2007. Could dentistry financing pull practices out of the red? The Sikka National Dental Economic Report shows that in 2014, dentists were spending 12 percent fewer… View Article