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Summer Camp Financing: An Idea for Next Year’s Campers

Boost Revenues With Summer Camp Financing As you wind down your summer camp operation, you are probably realizing that your work is not yet finished; it’s time to take stock of the season and make arrangements for improvements. Did you offer summer camp financing this year? If not, consider it a smart marketing move for… View Article

Improve Business by Financing Cosmetic Surgery

Financing Cosmetic Surgery Helps Build Your Patient List While no plastic surgeon is exactly like the next one, there is one similarity across the board: without a consistent flow of patients coming through your doors, you can find yourself with a cash flow crisis. When it comes to attracting more patients, financing cosmetic surgery can… View Article

Vocational School Financing Can Help Increase Enrollment

The Gift of Education Through Vocational School Financing The journey through a traditional degree program isn’t for everybody, which is why vocational schools are important as an alternative for students who want to learn a specific trade. If you are looking to offer the opportunity of vocational school to a broader base of students, there… View Article

Follow Industry Leaders With Home Improvement Financing

Home Improvement Financing Increases Business Leads While consumers today have become more conscious about debt, they’re also putting businesses that offer financing among their favorites. Home improvement financing is becoming a more widely used method of improving business by offering your customers options for their home projects. If you aren’t offering home improvement financing, you’re… View Article

Attract More Business With Consumer Financing for Small Businesses

Consumer Financing for Small Businesses Improves Profits There is no way to accurately predict how to be a completely recession-proof business, but there are some guidelines business owners can follow to keep them afloat during financially tough times. Consumer financing for small businesses is one way to bring in more customers, along with a few… View Article

Financing Options for the Electronics Industry

Offering Financing Options can Improve Business The electronics industry changes faster than just about any other, which means you’re always pushing to be on the cutting edge with your business. Your customers want to know that you’re getting them the latest and greatest technology. They’re also looking for businesses that give them financing options. There… View Article

Third Party Financing Improves Membership Loyalty

Retain More Members With Third Party Financing Retaining members is something every successful membership company strives for. Pulling in new members is more costly than enticing former and current members to renew membership. Today, there is a clear call to improve the rate at which members return, and one of the ways this happens is… View Article

Build Event Attendance With Seminar Funding

Seminar Funding: One Way to Increase the Success of Your B2B Seminar A great way to develop a new business-to-business relationship is through an industry seminar. When you host a seminar you offer value to potential partners. In return, you gain a list of likely sales calls. Since putting on a seminar is no small… View Article

Help Customers Add Value to Their Homes With Home Improvement Financing

Generate More Business With Home Improvement Financing Homeowners are constantly in need of improvements, renovations and additions to their homes. Every year sees different trends. Regardless of which trends are catching on year by year, there is always need for home improvement financing, especially considering some of the bigger ticket items. Speaking of trends, 2015… View Article

Laser Solutions can Increase Your Business

More Consumers Seek Out Laser Solutions A growing number of consumers are seeking out laser solutions to benefit their health. For practitioners specializing in laser treatments, the chances of seeing business growth are high. However, considering a financing option from a third party can further improve growth. Consumers are seeking out laser solutions to help… View Article