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Home Improvement Financing: Choose the Best Option

Anyone who owns an old house will tell you that there is never an end to all the things that need to be fixed or upgraded. Most homeowners aren’t able to come up with the cash it takes to make these fixes a reality. Despite everything you’ve done to remain competitive as a contractor, you… View Article

Home Improvement Loans for Better Market Performance

For homeowners to get the most out of their homes as they put them on the market, it’s advisable to take care of some projects before the realtor gets involved. However, this comes with a price tag that not all homeowners are prepared to pay. If you’ve found this to be the case with prospective… View Article

Third Party Financing Brings More Clients Into the Sales Cycle

You know you can only go so low on your price for your products and services before you start cutting into profits. Obviously, you want your pricing to be competitive, but a percentage of your customer base simply won’t be able to afford your lowest price. To bring more clients into the sales cycle, consider… View Article

Vet Pet Insurance or Financing – Which is Preferable?

The services you are able to provide at your clinic are far more advanced than what you could have offered a decade or so ago. With these more advanced services come greater expense to you, which has to be passed on to your clients if you’re going to stay afloat. Some vets are pushing vet… View Article

Funeral Financing Helps to Ease the Grieving Process

At any given point in a funeral director’s career, there will come a time when you need to do things differently to pull in new business. It’s not always a complete shakeup, sometimes you just need to focus on who you are and promote that in a more visible way. In some cases, pulling yourself… View Article

Dentistry Financing Helps Cover the Gaps and Pull in More Patients

If you ask the average American family if they’re still feeling the effects of the recession, a vast majority will answer “yes.” American families aren’t the only demographic that are feeling the bite – business owners are struggling to get back to where they were prior to the recession. If you lead a dental practice,… View Article