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Ease Your Cash Flow Issues With Accounts Receivable Factoring

What did you do the last time you were experiencing a cash flow issue at your business? Did you seek out a small business loan to weather the storm or did you dig deeper into your personal finances to make up the gap? Or, maybe you did what businesses have been doing for centuries and… View Article

Consumer Loans: An Important Part of Every Marketing Strategy

Companies are constantly striving to find a way to market their goods and/or services. JWT, a marketing communications firm, recently released a study that shows what marketing trends are hot and which trends will pick up more interest in the near future. Aside from those found in the study, you should consider bringing in a… View Article

How Captive Finance can Assist Your Business

If you’re not familiar with captive finance companies, it’s time to get acquainted. A captive finance company is one that offers financing to your customers through you. In many cases, captive finance companies work under a parent company to provide financing to the client directly. There are several advantages to taking on this type of… View Article

Cosmetic Surgery Loans Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Looking for Ways to Improve Loyalty? Four Ways to Patient Satisfaction Keeping a steady flow of patients takes more effort when insurance doesn’t cover the procedure. Cosmetic surgery often falls in this category, which means your office has to do more to attract new business and keep current customers coming back. What can you do… View Article

Give More Students a Chance at Education with Loans for Vocational School

Catching the attention of prospective students gets easier and easier for vocational schools as tuition at four-year universities continues to skyrocket. If you’re part of a vocational school offering degree programs that take only months to complete, you have a distinct advantage over state universities. Student debt has reached epidemic proportions. Tuition has risen so… View Article

Looking to Improve Business? Offering Financing Options Helps

Americans are crazy about their pets. They spend nearly $60 billion a year on them. Unfortunately, less than 20 percent take their pets to the veterinarian. What can you do to bring in more business? Increasingly, consumers have come to expect credit wherever they go, whether it’s a gas station, a big box store or… View Article

Offer Quick Funding to Your Patients to Establish Loyalty

There are several reasons you’re not seeing as many patients come through your office for orthodontic work as you could be seeing, and there are ways to improve the rate at which they do seek you out. From a fear of pain to being self-conscious about braces, there are many things that keep potential clients… View Article

Offering Cosmetic Loans Pulls in More Clients

Americans spent $12 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2013. How much of that money was spent at your practice? What can you do to pull more of it your way? Let’s take a look at some methods that have proven advantageous for others; methods that include cosmetic loans from a third party. Everybody has a… View Article