Accessible Financing

Is accessible consumer financing the missing link between your growth and your customers’ buying ability? As a non-traditional finance company, UGA provides accessible credit for unsecured consumer receivables, including revolving credit and retail installment contracts. Because of our broad approach, we are able to assist with all your consumer financing, servicing/billing and default management needs. By partnering with UGA, you’ll reap the benefits of reduced expenses and improved overall brand effectiveness because you will no longer need to extend credit to your client base and forgo the immediate cash you need to run your business.

Collaborative Solutions

Through UGA, your organization can free up vital resources for more profitable ventures, such as pursuing new clients. At UGA, we take the time and effort to understand your business and your consumers so that the solutions developed actually address challenges you’re looking to overcome. We can build a myriad of solutions that can address your cash flow issues, originations and servicing compliance with the ultimate goal of building incremental sales. By working together, we develop a true partnership with similar goals that benefit all parties. At UGA, we’re experts at developing collaborative solutions that work with your needs, your programs and your customers.

Distinct Value

Companies call upon UGA because we provide unique consumer financing options and service consumer finance contracts. We offer a broad spectrum of products and services managed on a robust and compliant infrastructure designed to meet your needs. Our highly trained and professional account representatives keep service at the forefront of all operations and our uPortal ensures you have instant access to information, approvals and account updates in real-time. We specialize in finding solutions that work for both you and the clients you serve.